“Dead on 99%”: Chadov, Starshenbaum and Taktarov in the new action. VIDEO

«Мертв на 99%»: Чадов, Старшенбаум и Тактаров в новом боевике. ВИДЕО A new series on NTV will bring many surprises. In a detective film, which starts April 10 Chadov will appear in the images of the fashionable architect and inadequate to the mercenary Snake, as Starshenbaum will play a cheated lover.

April 10 on NTV channel starts the series “Dead on 99%”, who are looking forward to fans of fighters. The film directed by Stepan Korshunov was filmed in Russia, although the plot events also takes place in Germany and Albania.

Alex Chudovo had to play two diametrically opposed roles. His first character is a capital architect Artem Art, who lives in luxury, is not considered money, but also spends the evening in the company of top models. However, suddenly everything is flipped upside the head.

Man, looks like the character Chadova, commits mass murder in a Berlin restaurant, and then Rob the Albanian mafia. His name is Snake and he’s a mercenary. Alex had to juggle two characters, constantly experiencing a lot of emotions. Tom, who was confused with the Serpent, flees from everyone who searches for it: Interpol, mafia and FSB agent, played by Oleg Taktarov.

«Мертв на 99%»: Чадов, Старшенбаум и Тактаров в новом боевике. ВИДЕО

According to colleagues, Chudovo was difficult during the filming of the project, as he had to appear in a large number of episodes. “In the fight scene between Artyom and the Serpent four hours we removed the Snake, then again the same for Artem. In the end, the shift lasted 14 hours and I was exhausted all day, to fight, to run, to fall, to scream and to inflate vein, it is of course possible, but to a certain time”, – shared his impressions Alex.

By the way, the actor is no stranger. The man already had training at the coaches in martial arts for the filming of the movie “the Hammer.” Therefore, according to the footage from the new series, Chadov is still in excellent physical shape, which helped him to endure all the difficulties of the workflow.

Also in the Thriller “Dead on 99% of the” starred Anna starshenbaum, Oleg Taktarov, Konstantin Adaev, Oleg Mazurov, and many others. In the opinion of the contractor an agent of the FSB Khromova, the movie will appeal to viewers. “This is a modern and dynamic movie. There are fights, there are car chases, there are foreign mafia and tough guys from the FSB. Finally, there is the mystery of the main character. The script was great, this is a truly unique detective. I am sure that the characters will fascinate the audience,” said Taktarov.