Dead dad “hung up” on the family of Agatha muceniece debts

Погибший отец «повесил» на семью Агаты Муцениеце долги
The actress has remembered details of a difficult childhood.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny

Photo: @Instagram agataagata Agatha muceniece

Agata muceniece started a Frank conversation about his traumatic childhood. As it turned out, father of Agatha, who died at the age of 40 years, was an alcoholic. When he passed away, all the worries associated with the education of Agatha and it completely fell on the shoulders of her mother. Problems added that the muceniece father left behind huge debts.

“Mom got married quite early. And my dad was a bartender. Mother gave birth to two children, one by one. Dad died when he was 40 years old, and left a bunch of debt, a lot of things: apartment, car… My late grandmother, Anna Ivanovna, suddenly decided that they should sue us all you left us dad. Mom drags five years in the courts,” — said Agata in the air “When all the houses”.

By a tragic coincidence, the husband of Agatha — Paul Priluchny also grew up without a father. Actor since childhood wanted to study at the ballet school, but because of the death of the Pope, his family was unable to pay his tuition. However, he does not regret of his many years spent in music school and went dancing.

Perhaps, due to such heavy life experience, and Agatha and Paul always dreamed of a big family. Now the couple live with their two children in a country house. However, at home brings together not only joy, but also some difficulties. The house that built Priluchny four years, requires constant repair. “”This is my first build, not to myself, but much of it was done by me. We moved in December, it turns out, live for a year and now there are other interesting details: broke water, for example, or lost power. And it all starts to “fall apart” after a year, it turns out. Probably so bad I built,” he joked recently Priluchny.