«Ослепительная красотка»: младшая дочка Игоря Крутого заметно похорошела
14-year-old Alexander won the users of the Network.

Olga Krutoy with her daughter Alexandra

Photo: @Instagram olgakroutoi Olga Cool

On the eve of the new publication of the spouse of Igor Krutoy — Olga created a furor in social networks. The wife of a famous Russian composer, published a recent photo with his youngest daughter, Alexandra. 14-year-old heiress is “closed” blog (view it can only be close friends), so the audience watches as she grows up in the rare images that appear on the page her mom or sister Victoria.

A joint portrait of Olga with her daughter caused a storm of positive reviews. Alexander called the “dazzling beauty”. Her mother also inherited the most flattering compliments. “As she grew up, flourished”, “Alexander rose So very beautiful… good Luck, girls!”, “Sasha is a doll!”, “She and Papa, and my mom is like, beautiful, smart”, “Very beautiful girl!” “Amaranthine Olga dazzling beauty’s daughter,” write Olga. Igor Yakovlevich, despite being very busy (he is now starring in the project “You’re super!”), tries to spend with my daughter as much time as possible.

The eldest daughter Cool not so long ago became a beauty blogger. Victoria shoots video where he talks about his beauty secrets. On the eve of the New year she really came in for severe criticism and was ridiculed by users of the Network. It provoked a strong reaction of bloggers, saying that had the procedure to restore… young ears. For extended wear major decorations at the daughter of the Russian composer, deformed earlobes. To fix this unfortunate flaw in the appearance of the 32-year-old Victoria appealed for help to a popular plastic surgeon.