Dayneko opened special details of meeting with Timberlake

Dayneko opened special details of meeting with Timberlake The singer shared a photo that caused excitement among the subscribers in her Instagram. Girl put a photo with Justin Timberlake and talked about how was their meeting. She did not hide his admiration of the Western performer.

      In his microblog Victoria Daineko issued a joint picture with singer and actor Justin Timberlake. The meeting of two stars was pleased with not only followers of celebrities, but also herself. She spoke about how much excitement was experienced before with the world famous personality. For her it was very important, because it is his longtime lover and, admittedly, not even trying to hide it.

      Victoria Dayneko together with Dima Bilan went to the recording of the new cartoon in the Hollywood Studio DreamWorks. As written, with BC when they went on the voice, she had no idea that the musical producer of the film is none other than Justin Timberlake. However, the news wasn’t a surprise, but on the contrary, she decided she will work out a change so that the singer could be proud of her.

      “I know that I have a goofy smile in the photo! But forgive me, my excitement just got lockjaw. At the end of the day at the DreamWorks campus after a joint photo shoot and other things I couldn’t ask for a selfie for yourself. Confessed to Justin that he was cool and went to blush further,” wrote the actress on Instagram.

      Victoria told the followers that have been following the work of Timberlake and considers it one of the best performers on the world stage. For her it was very important that he appreciated her ability highly. She also added that an animated film with its voice soon starts in cinemas, so Dayneko hopes that meet the expectations of his fans.

      Victoria Dayneko is fading away

      A few days ago she released a video where, together with Dima Bilan and American colleagues, took part in recording voices for cartoon characters. Apparently, Victoria is an extremely valuable experience, and she feels the joy of being in a Hollywood film company. Netizens appreciated the acting talent of the singer and praised her game. Despite the fact that she only mentioned the picture, one way or another, she was gesticulating in order to get used to the image of the hero.

      “Great smile, sincere and most importantly it is you!”, “Victoria, You have an amazing smile and I love You even more Justin!”, “Wikus, you have the most beautiful, sincere and joyful smile!” – I wrote to subscribers in Instagram.

      Followers of the actress said that she glows with happiness with Justin, but expressed the opinion that Victoria is a star with a good vocal, therefore the Western by must also be pleasant this meeting. Some followers openly admitted that jealous Russian singer, after all, the opportunity to meet and work with celebrities of world size is not given to everyone, so they praised the girl for her efforts and desire to develop himself in different spheres, including the film industry.