Day two: Daughter of Valery Meladze shocked the outfit at the wedding

День второй: Дочка Валерия Меладзе шокировала нарядом на свадьбе
The bride organized the “crazy” party at the occasion of the marriage.

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Inga Meladze and Nori Vergeze here for two days “walk” on his white wedding in Morocco. The first day celebrations were pretty classic: the couple exchanged vows of love and fidelity, and then they held a feast with traditional first dance of the newlyweds (by the way, dancing with Inga Nori for daddy’s song, “How beautiful you are today”), performances and a tiered cake.

Inga Meladze and Nori Verghese

Photo: Social networks

Next, the second, the wedding day turned out absolutely not similar on previous. The couple gave a tribute to the traditions of Morocco, his native country for the husband of Inga. Young in national costumes marched in a caravan in the desert: the son-in-law Meladze was driving the camel, and the heir to the Russian artist sat in the palanquin, which was borne of four men.

Closer to the night Inga, dressed in original outfit, “lit” on the dance floor of the institution where passed the night of the party. She appeared before the guests in a fitted white jumpsuit, headdress and glowing colored lights of the veil. In this form it came off the hits of the world famous DJs until the early hours.