Дэвид Хассельхофф сыграл свадьбу в Италии

The star of the show “Baywatch” David Hasselhoff took to wife a model Hayley Roberts who was younger than his 28 years. The wedding stars have played in Italy, in the southern region of Puglia.

Many guests were not. 66-year-old actor and 38-year-old model decided to invite only family and friends. The wedding was also attended by Hasselhoff’s daughter — 28-year-old Taylor and 25-year-old Hayley. Late marriage of father to a young daughter model supported. “I told my girls that they are going to get married, and they were very happy. For children it is hard to perceive is, no one wants their parents separated. But my daughter is very happy for me and I love Hayley,” says David.

Honeymoon couple will celebrate in the Sunny Maldives.

This is the third marriage for David. From 1984 to 1989, the actor was married to Catherine Hickland, became famous thanks to the film “Military robot” and “Witchcraft”. In 1989, David married the actress and businesswoman Pamela Bach, a marriage which produced two daughters. Since July 2006, Hasselhoff, became a bachelor and decided not to rush into a new novel. In 2011, David couldn’t resist the beauty of Hailey. The model was a fan of the actor and approached him to ask for an autograph. However, David decided not to part with the fan and asked for her phone number.

And while dad builds a personal life, daughter Haley builds her career as a model plus-size. She starred in a candid photoshoot for the magazine SLiNK. According to 25-metamodel, these sexy pictures in underwear has helped her to accept her body.

“Photo shoot for the cover in lingerie was for me a moment of empowerment,” said Haley for a magazine. “During filming, I was in my underwear and fell in love with every flaw of my body.”

The model encourages other women to love their bodies. “We as women should love their bodies for what they give, not only for the fact that the show,” says Haley. “We all have moments when we doubt our bodies, but we have to rise above and to love our bodies as they are.”

Haley said that she likes working with the magazine SLiNK for their positivity to the girls with curvaceous. As she says, the model needs to be these magazines, the subject of which is based around the “body confidence, fashion and forms.”