Дэвид Фостер отказывается содержать бывшую жену

Music producer David foster does not wish to support his ex-wife Yolanda foster after the divorce. According to documents seen by the newspaper People, the man asks the court to appoint him a monthly payment to the ex-spouse.

Yolanda, mother, Jedi and Bella Hadid, has officially filed for divorce in January last year with his 66-year-old husband. The official version of breaking up after four years of marriage are “irreconcilable differences”, just as they had been together for nine years. In an interview with Andy Cohen Mrs. foster stated that the dynamics of their relationship changed after she had been ill with Lyme disease.
Filing for a divorce, 52-year-old Yolande asked the court to compel her ex-husband every month to support her financially, but David tries to protect against this. Left word for the judge.

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