David Copperfield was forced to reveal the secrets of his tricks

Дэвида Копперфилда заставят раскрыть секреты своих трюков
The famous magician is suing the former chef of the Queen.

David Copperfield


Against the world famous ilusionista David Copperfield
prosecuted. The famous magician is suing Gavin Cox — cook on
profession, which included at the time of the brigade of chefs serving
the Palace of Queen Elizabeth. The man claims that the fault Copperfield he got
severe injuries and now wants to get financial compensation for their suffering.

The story began with the fact that the coke came to
the proposal of David held at the MGM Hotel. Copperfield, who performed a disappearing act
man, one of my best tricks was chosen as a voluntary
assistant viewer from the audience — it was coke. But spent years room this time led to
a sad result. Cox, whom the assistants of the magician was taken from the scene via a secret tunnel,
tripped in the dark and fell into some detail of the structure, having strongly hit the head. As a result the victim received a concussion, neck injury
and a dislocated shoulder.

As stated by the Coke lawyer Benedict Morelli,
he intends not only to achieve millions due, in his opinion, Gavin. The lawyer wants to “bring Copperfield to clean water”! “I intend to interrogate Copperfield
in the courtroom, and to demand that he in detail told, how all this makes. My goal is to find out if there was any danger for
other participants in the room, how everything was conceived by the authors of this trick!” — said Morelli.

Note that the last time Copperfield is not
lucky. At the beginning of this year, some Brittney Lewis accused David of sexual
harassment. The model said that they had been in the past gross advances of David. Britney, who at the time was only 17 years old, said: all
happened when she participated in a beauty contest, where David was
honorary member of the jury. Copperfield denies all charges. However
everything is complicated by the fact that earlier David had already come to a similar situation. In
In 2007, he was reported to the police on a similar complaint. However, then after
a long trial he was acquitted, the
not least, the reputation of the conjurer was significant damage. It will all end this time, time will tell.