David Bowie could play the Puke in “the Lord of the rings”

Дэвид Боуи мог сыграть Гендольфа во «Властелине колец»

One of the missed opportunities David Bowie. The other day Amy Hubbard, casting Director of the popular film fantasy “the Lord of the rings”, said that the popular actor could play him as a wizard of Puke Gray, whose role eventually went to Sir Ian Maccallan.

Talked about that earlier and Dominic Monaghan, who played in each part of the trilogy. He told me that he ran into David in the hallway of the Studio when it came to casting the role of Meriadoc of Brandbach. According to him, then Bowie was so busy that not even found time to audition and eventually this role “went” to another artist. Confirms this information and Hubbard.
“It was an unforgettable entertainer. We had a small conversation, and I think Bowie could do any role that we trusted him to. We met him at the Christmas party in 1999, he has entertained all around, but the casting time he was not, I’m telling you – casting it has not been,” said Hubbard.