David Beckham is building a castle for his beloved daughter castle

Дэвид Бекхэм строит замок для любимой дочки замок
Fans player offered him their assistance in this difficult case.

David Beckham is building a castle for his beloved daughter

Photo: @davidbeckham/Instagram

David Beckham once again impressed the fans: he proved that for the sake of their six-year-old daughter Harper he’s ready
almost everything.

The famous football player retired published
his microblog new photos: he’s on the beach absorbed in reading a brochure, and
next to him is a large box of LEGO®. “Now I just
only the first 400 (!) the pages of the manual. And the designs that I have to collect 4,000 items! I’m a little excited and confused
the task which I have to solve!” — so David signed the.

42-year-old Beckham reacted to this photo. Some were moved: what is your perfect father! Others warned David that the “construction” of such
the castle — a task indeed difficult, because, among other things, there
often lacks detail. And still others just proposed to his idol

For the Assembly of clever castle David began at the request of Harper. Beckham,
which is currently resting with his daughter and sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz on the coast near
Los Angeles just could not refuse
his darling. Besides, he, apparently, found something,
which will not let him be bored very soon after the departure of the eldest son
Brooklyn. After all, the young man announced he was moving out from parents in new York.
“I’m a little scared that I’m going to live without my family. But I’m sure I have
begin to live independently, and it will be useful for my studies in
the University,” said Brooklyn.