Дэвид Бекхэм сделал новое тату

David Beckham can be considered one of the most “painted” athletes. On the body of a football player flaunts more than 40 tattoos, each of which has a large value.

The other day a father got a horse who is right on his neck.

New tattoo of her husband bragged to his wife Victoria. In his microblog on Instagram Mrs Beckham published a new the wife and proudly showed the horse.

Note that over the years became more tolerant and even reconciled with the passion of a husband to tattoos

“What to do? Had to accept, ” she laughs. — I realized that for David it’s more than just tattoos. Oddly enough, they make the husband happy. It is his passion. So why should I deprive him of this joy? Better to find something extra to please. For example, I enjoy playing sports. And I took and gave a promise: commit to a daily walk to the gym. I was pregnant with Harper. Since then, I try for 90 minutes to do with a trainer six days a week. In London I like to run in the Park in Los Angeles go to yoga. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Happiness is in small things, and I realized this on his own.”


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