David Beckham disgraced due to hacked email

Дэвид Бекхэм оскандалился из-за взломанной почты

We’re used to seeing David Beckham to be extremely positive. He is a good player, a businessman, a male model, a man, a father. David often participated in charity events, has even become a goodwill Ambassador for the UNICEF to regularly travel around the world with charity programs and help those in need. But there are so good Beckham? Recently visnevska according to all that David did solely for personal gain.

Was recently hacked the servers of Doyen Global PR firms, managed by Simon Oliveira, the General Manager of a former football player,where it became known that he actually worried about the constant deduction of money in various funds. “I don’t care that chivalry”, writes David, having in mind that he doesn’t care what he did for so many years.

Beckham had to sacrifice a million dollars on the event (the message is not revealed how), organised by the UNICEF. He put it about it hard enough: “It’s my money!”

Many netizens said that now the glory of the Beckham probably will decline, and journalist piers Morgan even poironizirovat on this subject, write in his Twitter: “Oh my God, the brand “Beckham” — rest in peace”.

The player himself has already justified for all his controversial writing, said this: “I wrote this all spur of the moment”.

Friends of Beckham also came to his defense, urging people to remember that in fact the player did for the needy is much more than the rest: “Honestly, he realizes that he has given a lot to your country, but you are talking about things about which I know nothing. He wrote that he didn’t care, the knight or not, just because he does so not in order to receive the title and honor, that’s all.”