Дэвид Бекхэм против отношений Бруклина и Ханы Кросс

Private life Brooklyn Beckham not to be envied. Noticed it’s not only the media, but the Pope photographer — David Beckham. Famous dad advises son to shun his beloved 21-year-old Khans of the Cross.

Relationships of Brooklyn and the Khans can not be called cloudless. The couple always quarrels, there are many witnesses. “David is closely associated with Brooklyn, and she and Victoria are very worried because of his quarrels with Hanoi. David wants Brooklyn seriously wondered whether he has a future with her,” said the insider.

David asked his son not to take Khan on family activities. Recently the whole family was vacationing in Miami and the model wasn’t there. “David asked Brooklyn to spend time with his family — he wanted to understand what was going on in his head and help him. He knows that love at a young age can be very cruel, and doesn’t want these public showdown happened on a regular basis.

Together to interfere, he tries to act calm and wants to give Brooklyn a few tips. But all are absolutely clear that David is not a fan of Khans”, — concluded the source.

Recall the relationship of Brooklyn and the Khans have always been not quite smooth. Possibly, the pair is now suffering from conflicts and misunderstandings, evidence of which were the photographs of the paparazzi, who photographed Tuesday night. Dining and shopping with the younger brothers turned to the stars scandal. Those began to fight in front of Cruz and Romeo.

The cause of the scandal is unknown, but the paparazzi managed to make pictures where Brooklyn looks like crying! Face was tear-stained from both. The scandal has reached the point that to appease a few have taken even the brothers. The photo shows how Romeo keeps Khan and tries to calm her down. As reported by insider portal DailyMail, Brooklyn and Khan had a big fight, and Romeo tried to reconcile them. At one point, came to the aid of even younger brother Cruz, who led Hannah to the side so she calmed down.

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