Дочь Заворотнюк отметила 22-летие в Москве
Actress touching congratulated Anna happy birthday.

Photo: Instagram

Daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is all grown up. In honor of its 22nd anniversary Anna has arrived to Moscow from America to celebrate this event in the company of his closest people: mother, 17-year-old brother Michael, grandmother Valentina Borisovna and her stepfather Peter Chernyshev. Noisy celebrations of the star family to arrange did not become, sat quiet family circle in one of capital restaurants.

“You grew up so fast… — addressed to an adult daughter Anastasia in social networks. My little girl, kind, gentle, gifted, sensitive beauty. You learn well, you put the right goals in life and make every effort to achieve them — consciously, considered and precocious wisdom. And I know, I’m pretty sure all will come true and even better than you can imagine! You know how to make friends and to love, to empathize sincerely and heartily rejoice, to dream and to appreciate, to notice the little things and to understand the main thing. Just don’t lose it! Take care of yourself in this harmony and this is correct, whole, clear view of the world. My pride, my endless love, my soul. With Your Day!”

Also, the actress has published a collage of your joint photos with Anya. Fans do not get tired to wonder how much the daughter looks like his star mother. They have only one difference: Anja growth went to dad. She passed Anastasia by as much as 14 cm. Michael, by the way, “has grown even more. The boy is also very similar to the mother, and they in turn just copies Valentina Borisovna Zavorotnyuk, beloved mother and grandmother and, incidentally, people’s artist of Russia!