Дочь Юрия Лужкова раскрыла правду об отношениях родителей The successor of the ex-mayor spoke as communicate with mom and dad. The youngest daughter of Elena Baturina and Yuri Luzhkov, Olga believes that her parents are the example to follow, she learns many things from them.

      The youngest daughter of Yuri Luzhkov and Elena Baturina Olga lives in new York and taking the first steps in the restaurant business. The mother of 22-year-old girl approved of her idea about opening the bar Herbarium near the hotel Grand Tirolia in kitzbühel. Olga approached the matter very seriously, has calculated the budget and have studied many aspects of the restaurant business. Luzhkov put every effort into your business and takes the example of famous parents.

      Olga studied first in Moscow at the faculty of Economics of Moscow state University and then transferred to University College London. However, the town never became the successor to Luzhkov. She admits that she feels at home only when her loved ones around her.

      Olga is proud of her parents and thinks their relationship is perfect and fabulous, which manages to build to a few people. She dreams that someday she will have the same family. The young owner of the bar did not stop to admire his father.

      “He’s very wise. Whatever happens, he will always be there. Speaking about their relationship with mom, I have not seen people with such an age difference, which would be so perfectly understood each other. Always wondered how seventy-nine years old so young to think and act. Dad still works a lot, travels, sports: skiing, recently defeated the mother of tennis”, – said Olga.

      We will remind that Yury Luzhkov and Elena Baturina married for over 25 years. A few years ago they were married in the Church, thereby demonstrating that love each other. The former mayor is proud of the talents of his wife, not only in business but in art, as well as in the care of horses.

      Daughter Luzhkov is currently working for the benefit of the bar, while not getting paid. Yet Olga Luzhkov waiting for the profits from this institution. Only in this case, Baturina will pay her for the work. Younger heiress businesswoman believes that later will be able to achieve other heights in business. “I think if my mom sees that I’m competent leader, she is happy to trust me with the development of new business areas, and not the fact that they will be in the family business. But it needs a lot of work”, – said the girl in an interview with Tatler.

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