Дочь Волочковой гордится мамой
Arianna told classmates about the profession of famous moms.

Дочь Волочковой гордится мамой

Anastasia with her daughter Ariandne

Photo: @volochkova_a (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

Perhaps, it is difficult to find a more colorful and flamboyant character
gossip than Anastasia. No matter what, the ballerina does
no inferiority complex about it. Not shy about Anastasia and her daughter Ariadne. On the contrary,
the girl is proud of a famous mother and even the school presented the project,
dedicated to the profession Volochkova.


Photo: @volochkova_a (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

“Today Arish at school did a presentation on the subject chosen
by itself — “Russian ballet”, — said Anastasia. — Be creative
approached this issue and thought through details. Asked me for my Pointe shoes to
to represent the symbols of my profession. And my associate Katya, Ariadne asked
to help make the t-shirt with a picture of my ballet. So nice! And in
the material is so touchingly written by my daughter and me. I am a happy mom!”

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