Дочь Волочковой рисковала жизнью ради селфи

While mom is making a second photo with the twine, which will soon appear in her Instagram, my daughter has decided not to lag behind and take a couple of shots for his microblog. However, unlike mother Anastasia Volochkova, she yet allows herself confessions, and does quite a decent selfie. So, for a new picture Ariadne climbed the highest mountain, where almost died.

The fact that the use of the phone, the girl decided the weather was bad and the subscribers Volochkova said: “did Not teach that when thunderclouds can not be on hills and to use mobile phones? Lightning and defeat in a radius of 200 m,” wrote fans under the where Ariadne with a selfie stick is on the top of the cliff.

Anastasia apparently about the danger didn’t know because the page has published extreme photo of the daughter, signing it “Fearless girl”.


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