Daughter Victoria Dayneko turned out to be a copy of his father

Дочка Виктории Дайнеко оказалась копией своего папы
The singer has reconciled with Mr Kleiman on the eve of his 30th birthday.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Victoria Daineko recently crossed an important threshold. The actress turned 30 years old. Noting a round date, it is customary to look back and sum up the intermediate results of life. The same has been and Daineko.

The greatest achievement in life, the singer considers his daughter. The appearance of the girls have changed Victoria. She became more confident and learned to defend their point of view. The actress wants to be a good example for my daughter. Surprisingly, Victoria became a mom a year and a half ago, still manage to hide the name of the baby. Her photographs, the artist also does not publish to the Network. She does this for reasons of security of the successor. But the day before she finally told me about how, for someone like her daughter.

“Apparently the girl was an exact copy of the Pope, but the character is me. She is kind, sweet, knows what she wants… It’s amazing to be a mom and every day to see how she grows!” — said Victoria.

Not so long ago, in family life Dayneko had a serious crisis. The singer has been through a painful breakup with her husband — Dmitry Kleiman. The first time the couple were at loggerheads and did not speak, but then realized that they need to find a common language for the sake of their common daughter. Now the couple talk peacefully and resolve the problems of parenting the baby together.

“At some point I realized that it is possible to show your character, but the happiness of the child depends on his parents. That’s why I insisted that we with Dima you need to communicate for the sake of our daughter so she feel comfortable. As adults, which binds one great happiness, we must try to hear each other!” — quotes Victoria Peopletalk.ru.