Daughter Victoria Dayneko is in real peril.

Дочке Виктории Дайнеко грозит реальная опасность
The actress in shock because of the reckless act of the former husband.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

On the eve of the network appeared the first the daughter of Victoria Dayneko. Shared it in social networks, the former husband of the singer — drummer Dmitry Kleiman. The artist hid for two years heiress from the public (during this time, she never published a photo of a baby), as expected, and fans were shocked by the act of the husband. In Victoria, as it became known, was a good reason to bury our daughter.

Daineko said that hiding the girl, not because of some whim, but because of the real threat. “For many years watched, not only fans, but also people who wish me all the horrible. These people I know in person, so inadequate that I sometimes fear for myself. Not to mention your child. So I don’t want pinkie saw her on the Network, not to mention her face and full name!” — commented Victoria.

The singer is very emotionally reacted to the fact that the ex-spouse deliberately put daughter in danger. Of course, Kleiman was aware of the reasons why Victoria is not shared with unauthorized pictures of the girls. The actress admits that sometimes she craved to show her charming Princess around the world, but she, unlike Kleiman, aware of the seriousness of the situation and not allow himself weakness. Dayneko convinced that Dmitry posted a photo for the sake of their own PR. “It would be better cared for, and not photos published. A doctor would have taken, food brought, clothing bought, children’s club lesson took… Just for selfies and capable. The shame of it. I’m freaking pissed… — complains the ex-husband of Victoria. But fathers don’t care about security. Them a photo in Instagram you need to lay out, and for a long time anything about him in the press did not write!”