Daughter Victoria Daineko suffering because of child haters

Дочь Виктории Дайнеко страдает из-за детоненавистников The singer complained to his followers on the situation that happened to her in the train. The young woman was extremely indignant at how the stranger reacted to her child. For the singer of such behavior was strange and inappropriate, what she said in the microblog.

      Victoria Dayneko told the followers in Instagram on the example of demoninations. Just recently, the actress along with a year-old heiress was riding the train, after a stay where the stars were not the best impressions of fellow travelers. One of them was indignant that her daughter did not allow him to sleep. Dayneko noticed that the action took place not at night, and in the first hour of the day.

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      The singer surprised the kind of irritation caused her daughter. The man even had to complain to the conductors of the train, to take some action in connection with the situation. According to the BC girl is not to blame for the fact that in the afternoon she didn’t want to sleep. Victoria tried to calm the baby because I didn’t see anything wrong in what she plays and laughs. However, not all passengers supported the idea mom.

      “Always was freeze child haters. Today uncle was in tight jeans and fur jacket extremely resented the conduits that we don’t allow him to sleep in the afternoon sleep is not given. The head of the train, he explained, of course, that in first class there may be children in particular, and even he was given free ear plugs and eye mask, and one-year-old child who didn’t cry at all, and just played and laughed the gag in her mouth won’t stick. Theatre with children is impossible, planes are frowned upon and indignant, outraged in trains, in restaurants resent. And children under 16 years need to grow as a houseplant? Without leaving home, so God forbid someone does not prevent their laughter or games, or just good mood?” wrote the indignant artist in his microblog.

      Victoria I didn’t like the fact that the child haters every year becomes more. It affects how they react to aggression children and their natural behavior. Dayneko began to talk about how else to behave to a child, that he did not cause others condemnation. The singer has suggested that every adult behaved in childhood the same or worse. And there is nothing indecent. Her unpleasant smile, after similar situations in social networks spread information about the need to protect children from excessive public appearances.

      “I wonder if those who are outraged, too, up to the age of reason did not go outside of your room? To any Moscow girl on his page in “Facebook” wrote the post with reproach, “well enrage” all children who don’t sit on one place, like she did as a child, and enjoy life! And their children, they otpaivat sleeping pills or tranquilizers to unnecessary sounds are not published in the society? And I love when they say that the parents do not educate, like a child, if learned to walk, you probably have already learned all the etiquette rules and work out their knowledge into practice,” – wrote in addition Daineko.

      Many members supported the celebrity. They believe that this trend is on demoninations abnormal phenomenon and should be eradicated. The child, according to fans of the stars, nothing to do with the fact that at an early age they allow themselves to pranks, which can irritate adults. Most followers agree with Victoria that no parent would want his child to stay locked up at home. Some believe that it is sometimes impossible not to take heirs with him. It is clear that if a child is screaming or crying, discomfort experienced in the first place, the parents, and the indignant surrounding only aggravate the situation.