Daughter Victoria Daineko saved her from aerophobia

Дочь Виктории Дайнеко избавила ее от аэрофобии
The singer told how a seat better than a seat in business class.

Victoria Dayneko

Cheryl Cole has admitted that getting rid of
panic flight thanks to his daughter. The fact that the employee’s
baby every time, getting into the plane, not crying like many other children, and
sincerely glad that will soon see the bottom of the clouds, “toy” cars and houses.
The girl claps and laughs from the overflowing of her happiness.

“Looking at delight daughter flying, she was
to enjoy them, despite the fact that aerophobia accompany me
from early childhood, — said the singer. — And the most pleasant flights
to me these are the ones that do not last more than 1.5 hours. Soared, drank tea and sat is my

In addition, the star said that he loves
travel by plane is not in business class. According to Victoria, the best
place in this vehicle it is… the Floor! “I love to sit in the plane on the floor
— said Daineko. — Especially when we have a whole range. I quietly made rug
leaning on the wall, and sometimes for the highest comfort, put a pillow under
the lower back, but it is only when we sit in a row near the wall. It’s 10 times
better seats in business class! I swear!”