Daughter Victoria Daineko makes first purchase

Дочь Виктории Дайнеко делает первые покупки The singer, along with the child goes shopping. Victoria Dayneko first took the baby in a large shopping center. The girl was not taken aback, and without hesitation dialed the things that she liked.

      Popular singer Victoria Daineko a little over a year ago for the first time became a mother. The winner of “star Factory-5” gave her husband Dmitry Kleiman daughter. The little girl is now fully grown, and the singer gladly shares with his subscribers funny incidents from the life of her child. Dayneko told the first time I visited a big shopping Mall with the girl. The actress did not even know that her child will be so fun to shop with.

      “Today is a historic day! Daughter first time to visit IKEA. I didn’t know that with kids there so cool! However, apart from a couple of cabinets out there that you had to buy in the basket was a pink Flamingo, turtle, big-eyed freak, and even some toys that came to hand,” wrote Victoria in the microblog.

      Fans were glad that Victoria spends a lot of time with the baby and is not afraid to take a girl to the Mall. They supported the singer, and the young moms said that they often visit shops with the children.

      Interestingly, Victoria has still not showed the face of his daughter, and fans don’t even know the name of the baby. Apparently, with BC struggling to protect their beloved heir from the scrutiny of the press. She is ready to do everything for the happiness of an only child. Sometimes Vic even sacrifices the time she could spend with the girl in order to earn money, but also to realize their creative ambitions. Victoria quickly returned from maternity leave – came to Dobermann form and began to give concerts in different cities. Cheryl Cole shocked by the prices of kindergartens in the capital

      “I went on tour when the baby turned two months. I love to sing and do not want one day, looking at my daughter to understand that you’ve lost yourself. To create a family, then to deny themselves everything, is wrong. On the contrary, the family is richer and does not preclude the fact that you value the most in life. I know a lot of people who are engaged in unloved business to feed his family. So I appreciate the fact that the work brings me pleasure, and thank the Universe… I think as long as I live, I have to sing. This is my calling, however pathetic it may sound,” – frankly admitted Daineko.