Daughter Vicky grows Steep a copy of the father

Дочка Вики Крутой растет копией отца Fans surprised by the incredible resemblance of the baby with dad. Spouse Wiki Cool David Berkowitz shared a selfie with hooligan heir. A young man and his beloved babe Demi rose charmed followers, showing their tongues.

A year and a half ago, the daughter of the famous composer Igor Krutoy for the first time became a mother. Cool Victoria gave birth to her husband, American restaurateur David Bercovich daughter of Demi rose.

Young woman for a long time did not show the face of the successor of subscribers microblog, trying to select these camera angles for sharing pictures with the girl in which the girl was impossible to discern. But not so long ago, the young parents decided that the time has come to declassify the child, and showed little of Demi rose. Before the young father of David Berkowitz shared with subscribers microblog photo, which proves that little cutie is absolutely daddy’s girl. Happy daddy allowed himself to do naughty selfie in which he and his heir to show all languages. Incredibly positive frame, filled with good conduct, caused a storm of emotions from a subscriber’s spouse Victoria are Cool. They are surprised by the striking similarity of a man and his daughter.

“Daddy’s girl!”, “Papa do not teach bad”, “Oh, my God, she looks like you! Class!”, “Demi rose is just a copy of the father, it is necessary”, “using the copier to do?” – jokingly expressed the followers of David Berkowitz.

It is worth noting that recently the little Demi rose travelled extensively. Together with her mother, the girl made a flight across the ocean, arriving from America where he lives a well-known family in Moscow. Victoria Cool together with her daughter walked around the main sights of the capital and introduced the heir to her family sometimes. Judging by the contented face of Demi rose photos that have been shared Victoria with fans and she really liked walking with my mom in sign places of Moscow.

The subscribers with interest the life of a young mom on her “Instagram”. Vic regularly exhibits pictures with her daughter and talks about what is happening with the baby. Fans affectionately look at each frame of a charming little girl. However, no less their care and Victoria herself Cool. And especially, how quickly the young woman came in shape after childbirth. Fans admire the feminine forms of the composer’s daughter and spared no compliments whenever Victoria publishes the images showing her slender figure. Victoria Cool surprised by the incredible thinness