Дочь Вики Крутой запрещает ее фотографировать Babe Demi rose shows a stubborn disposition. Vika Krutaya published in the microblog touching where her successor makes a distinctive hand gesture. Granddaughter of the composer Igor Krutoy at the end of July will already be eight months.

      Дочь Вики Крутой запрещает ее фотографировать

      The daughter of the famous composer Igor Krutoy Victoria which month relishes her status as young moms. Vika Krutaya carefully protects the baby Demi rose from prying eyes, and microblog pictures of the daughter and if there are, then only in such angles that you could not see her face.

      If agreeing in this matter with her mother, now she Demi rose, at the end of July will mark eight months, decided to impose a ban on his image. Vika Krutaya was published in the microblog the daughter, in which she makes a distinctive hand gesture, as if to say “stop” to the person who is trying to take her picture. “Please don’t shoot!”, – jokingly commented frame Victoria Cool. However, in the photo, though with difficulty, but can be considered the successor of the famous family and to make an unambiguous conclusion that Demi rose is growing a very pretty girl.

      Дочь Вики Крутой запрещает ее фотографировать

      By the way, Victoria just loves to pamper and dress up your baby, from childhood instilling in Demi rose love of beautiful clothes, as befits a lady. Once mother and daughter even posed in a trendy style today family look. Chest daughter Vicky wears a Cool dress like mom

      And at the end of spring vetch showed what fashionable wardrobe it made up for Demi in the summer. In this fashion collection was no place things in unisex style – no t-shirts or shorts. Outfits the tiny heiress to the star family is absolutely girly – dresses, sundresses and waistcoats to match them. All chosen with great love, taste and clearly says that Vika Krutaya knows a lot about the outfits and how should look like a real, albeit still quite small, lady.

      Fans of a young mother every time touches Mimino personnel with the participation of Demi rose and sympathetic to the fact that the girl’s parents do not hurry to show who like their heiress.

      Recall that Vika Krutaya gave birth to a daughter in late November of last year in one of the prestigious hospitals of the United States of America. The baby was named an unusual name is Demi rose. For Vicki and her husband, restaurateur David named Berkovich, it was a long-awaited child. Note that a little more than a week after the birth the daughter of a famous composer managed to hit all the stunning form, recovering in record time. A young mother posted a photo with a bare belly, showing him her quite flat, despite the recent pregnancy.

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