Дочь Веры Глаголевой поделилась болью после смерти матери Anna nahapetova hard going through the loss of a loved one. The successor of the famous actress and Director whose life suddenly ended on August 16, shared his memories about mom. According to the ballerina, she was very bright and kind person, easily located themselves to surrounding.

On Wednesday, the community was shocked with the sudden death of people’s artist of Russia Vera Glagoleva. The star died on 62-m to year of life. Relatives and friends could not believe her sudden departure. On the eve of farewell to the actress and Director of her eldest daughter, the ballerina Anna nahapetova, shared the pain of losing a loved one. The woman placed in the microblog photo with a child’s mother and appealed to her. The heiress Glagoleva gave to understand that it is now very difficult. Anna shared her memories of her mother and noted that it is extremely difficult to accept the sad event.

Portrait of Vera Glagoleva: strong, strict and sentimental

“You were everything to me! All of my 38 years we were there, we talked on the phone ten times a day, and it was our life, you knew all about us who where and how, we never even fought for real, we lived all these years nearby and it was the greatest happiness, always feel with you myself little girl. You were always our support. Too early you left us, too unfair before. We have so many plans, so much you could still do so much…” — said Anna.

According to Nahapetova, her mother was an amazing person who exuded positive energy. Vera Glagoleva was easy people to himself and never forgot about their loved ones. Despite the fact that the actress did not consider himself a model grandmother, in fact she was well brought up grandchildren and were ready for them.

“You gave people love and beauty, you could not not love, You shined a light! You always said, what’s wrong with grandma, but you were the best grandmother and the best mom! I can write, and write definitely, but now on the verge of tears and unable to breathe. Our life is divided into before and after……” — said Anna.

Social media users were touched by the publication of Nahapetova. They expressed ballerina condolences and advised to hold on to. For all of you who have followed the work of Vera Glagoleva, her death was a huge and irreparable loss. “No words,” “in memory of”, “shivers, it’s so painful”, “Vygovarival, need it”, “Hold on! She with you forever. She would like to see you in a good mood…”, “Tears”, “Cry”, “So sorry… No words of support will not reduce your pain. May God give you the strength to endure this grief”, “a Great woman”, Vera V. was sincere, kind and very strong, real, not fake, and therefore favorite, not only loved ones, but also many others,” — wrote in a Network.

Farewell to Vera Glagoleva will be held on Saturday at 11 am at the Metropolitan cinema House. People’s artist of Russia will bury on the Troekurovsky cemetery. “She radiated an exceptional light”: relatives and colleagues remember Faith Glagoleva