Дочка Веры Глаголевой обрушилась с критикой на маминых друзей
Anna nahapetova named the stars, who used the tragedy of her family for personal gain.

Vera Glagoleva and Anna nahapetova

Photo: @Instagram anahapetova Anna Nahapetova

Family Vera Glagoleva hard going through the sudden death of the actress. Her death was a great shock for the next of kin, and for the fans. Vera Vitalyevna had kept his illness that the artist was seriously ill did not know many of her friends and colleagues. But there were a few people spoke openly about the struggle Glagoleva with cancer. It is these stories, and caused the eldest daughter — Anna Nahapetova desire to make an official statement.

Star of the Bolshoi theatre has fallen with criticism of the star friends, to spread, according to Anna, about information about the life of her mother. “So, just want to ask the actress Marina Yakovlev interview which you can read in almost every edition. Why are you doing this, what kind of friendship You can say, if you talk about how now is suffering my mother’s brother Boris, who is seven months dead. Why describe the details of what is the disease about which You by definition can’t know.

Singer Katya LEL, curiously, it turns out the whole evening watching me at the wedding of Nastya and Sasha, now tells the harrowing story of how the whole wedding I sobbed feeling the imminent departure of the mother. You have Kate, apparently a very rich fantasy and imagination, continue to implement it in your work.And of course the apotheosis of all, anonymous interview with a “closest friend”, in which she claims that Vera was so bad that she collected her suitcase and sent for treatment…. This is of course only a small part of printed drivel. Generally these days a huge number of false information from a supposedly “close” friends,” said Anna. In the end, the daughter Glagoleva shamed everyone who speculates about the death of her beloved mother and asked to continue to refrain from comments of this kind.