Daughter Vera Glagoleva commented on the rumors of the serious illness of mother

Дочь Веры Глаголевой прокомментировала слухи о тяжелой болезни мамы Anna told how he feels the Director. The heiress actress claims that Glagoleva feeling well and busy on set, as well as the installation of a new project. Earlier, several media outlets have spread the rumor of the serious illness of the star.

Today a number of media reported that actress and Director Vera Glagoleva undergoing treatment for cancer in a clinic. Fans of the actress, after seeing these data was not a little excited, because she leads an active lifestyle and working on new projects. “StarHit” contacted the eldest daughter Vera V., Anne of Nahapetova. The ballerina has told how her mother feels.

“No health problems whatsoever. I don’t know who says its bad health. She has now just finished shooting, will mount the project,” explained Anne.

Other relatives and friends Glagoleva also argue that the Director is quite healthy, and information about her hospitalization rumors. “StarHit” talked with the housekeeper, who works in the family Glagoleva. According to the girl, at the moment Vera Vitalyevna not at home, and in the evening will come to relatives of the Director who will answer all the questions because she can’t talk about these topics. “Good. What they write is a lie”, – said the employee in question about the health of stars.

Interestingly, earlier, the actress and Director had to complain about the condition. On the contrary, the movie star is actively working, making films, travelling with her daughters and grandchildren, and leads a secular life. The artist almost always in sight, and social networks and then displayed her fresh photos taken during the working process.

For example, just recently Glagoleva has completed the shooting of “the Clay pit” in which he acted as a Director. “StarHit” talked with one of the team members, does Krivotulov. He told about how he passed the project work and notice whether it is a bad feeling in his head.

“The shooting ended the first half of may, – has shared with “StarHit” the artist. – Since we haven’t seen, can’t comment on the state of her health”.