Daughter Vera Brezhneva has changed beyond recognition

Дочь Веры Брежневой изменилась до неузнаваемости Sonia Kiperman decided on a bold transformation. Fans appreciated the experiment, the 15-year-old daughter of Vera Brezhneva and noted that adolescence is the best time to try myself in different ways.

      15-year-old daughter of the singer and actress Vera Brezhneva Sonia Kiperman is popular among teenagers. For the account of a young girl in the social network following of more than 100 thousand fans, and each publication gathers a huge number of “likes” and comments. Recently, Sonia has decided to change the image. The young heiress of a famous artist cut off his bangs. In addition to the photos the young lady was wearing lipstick dark colors that made her completely unrecognizable.

      Subscribers in the social network praised the transformation Kiperman, and hastened to make her compliments. They noted that really suits her new look and praised for what she is not afraid of experiments.

      “You go with Bang”, “Gorgeous!”, “Michael still can’t rest that you don’t recognize you”, “You’re gorgeous. And most importantly, not only outside but also inside! To change need it as air. It would be boring if in your life never cut bangs. Boring. Be alive, as Sonya, and thank you for what you see many Teens that change is definitely bright dust fairies, which brings to life the joy,” – wrote in the microblog followers Sony.

      By the way, a 15-year-old girl has repeatedly tried himself in different images. The eldest daughter Vera Brezhneva quite often working on photo shoots where stylists pick for her a most unexpected hairstyles and bold style in clothing. The girl is making serious moves in the fashion industry as a model – not so long ago, she participated in a fashion show of a famous designer in new York. According to Sony, to get on the podium helped her not big name famous mother, but only their own perseverance. She wants to build a career on their own, without the help of parents.

      Daughter of Vera Brezhnev followed in the footsteps of mom

      15-year-old girl is happy to be working with the closest to her man. Not so long ago Vera Brezhneva and Sonia Kiperman became models for one of the fashionable brands. Sonia only happy when I have the chance to spend more time with a parent. She says that they have a great relationship Kiperman trust her all my secrets and consults on some issues.