Daughter Vera Brezhneva afraid to meet boys

Дочь Веры Брежневой боится знакомиться с мальчиками Sonia Kiperman embarrassed by their peers. The heiress actress said that doesn’t know how to behave when dealing with guys. However, if the young man interested her, she is ready to do a lot in order for him to notice her.

      Daughter of the famous singer Vera Brezhneva Sonia Kiperman conquers the fashion world. According to 15-year-old girl, she never wanted to become a singer like her mom. At the moment star successor studies in a private school in Kiev, and occasionally participating in shows at fashion Weeks. Last year she became one of the models on the catwalk in new York, and this fall appeared on the runway in Moscow. Despite the fact that many admire the beauty and gracefulness of Sony, the girl admits that experiences difficulties when meeting with members of the opposite sex.

      “If I meet with the boys, always becoming very shy. No matter I like it or not, just gets really awkward. But if someone I really like, I always talk about it first rather than waiting for me to admit it,” – said the daughter of Brezhnev.

      By the way, this summer, she introduced the mother with her boyfriend. Sonya went with the chosen one and relatives on holiday together. Girls develop very trusting relationships in the family, she can always discuss problems and their concerns and questions with a parent.

      “Mom, we can say, close friends. Of course, it is often not at home, so we rarely see each other. But as soon as she arrives, we’re having a girly evening: sit, chat, drink tea or go out for shopping together,” said Kiperman.

      The eldest daughter Vera Brezhneva was even able to try yourself in the role of the actress. Sonia played a role in the film, which was also attended by her starry mother. However, 15-year-old girl believes that working in the film industry very difficult. “Being an actress is very difficult. You need to not only look good, you have to be a good talk, a lot to memorize and to calculate how things should be. Again, the actors often work the night shift, and this is the hardest thing ever be”, – said the heiress of the actress in an interview Peopletalk.ru.

      According to the girl, to 30 years it plans to achieve success in your career and build a family. “I want my future husband to be responsible, and he had everything under control. But not too much! He also must be caring,” said Sonia.