Дочь Валерия Тодоровского обокрали в центре Москвы
Catherine has estimated the damage at 276 thousand rubles.

Katya Todorovskaya and Ilya Uchitel

Photo: Gregory Bezenchuk

This weekend was not very successful for Valery Todorovsky’s daughter Catherine. The criminals broke the glass in the car her fiancé and took out a bag with documents and a backpack with things. Police on the scene called the beloved girl Ilya, the son of film Director Alexey Uchitel.

The pair was driving home and on the way stopped off at the store. Leaving bags in the car, they went for groceries. They were not just ten minutes, but the attackers long enough to steal a car.

Catherine wrote a statement to the police, where he listed all stolen and estimated cost of damage. The most valuable proved to be the bag itself brands “Karl Lagerfeld” wallet “Marc Jacobs” backpack “Mandarin Duck”, the laptop “MacBook”, the key chip from the car “Range Rover”, as well as clothing, cosmetics, house keys and personal hygiene items. All this girl was estimated at 276 thousand rubles, which is considered a damage in the large size.

By the way, the set of things in the girl’s backpack suggests that Ekaterina and Ilia still don’t live together, although there are already more than a year. They first appeared together at the first International film Festival in Alanya in may last year. Then the public found them the perfect couple and then there were the first rumors that the wedding is not far off. But the young people do not hurry, you first want to “stand up”. 26-year-old Elijah went in his father’s footsteps and graduated from the directing course of the VGIK, and 22-year-old Katya graduating from the faculty of foreign languages of Moscow state University.