Дочь Валерия Сюткина закрутила роман с иностранцем Viola doted in the second half. Girl for about a year meets a German named Thor, whom he met on the Internet. Apparently, Valery Syutkin endorses the choice of his daughter.
Дочь Валерия Сюткина закрутила роман с иностранцем

Valery Syutkin and his wife viola have been happily married for 25 years. They do not get tired to confess to one another in love, stressing that with age, their feelings become more serious. But the daughter of the star couple with a much less willing to share details of their personal life. Periodically she puts in Instagram pictures with an attractive young man.

In the program “You wouldn’t believe!” 21-year-old viola said that she met her lover. It appeared, at first their communication was on social networks.

“He wrote me a message in which immediately offered to meet. It was very considerate, neat post. In the end, I agreed and have not regretted. The first date we had with friends, so I was not even one. We communicated well,” said viola.

Chosen girl’s name is Thor. He was 21 years old, and he lives in Germany. Apparently, the lovers have no problem with the language barrier and cultural differences. Recently viola and her boyfriend said the first year of the relationship. The girl was quick to congratulate the young man, giving a touching message on Instagram.

“A year is a period of time. Congratulations, you survived a whole year! Torinese, one year together is a very big date. Congratulations, we did it,” wrote viola.

Then the girl congratulated her numerous subscribers. They noted that viola and Thor are incredibly beautiful, harmonious couple. “The ocean of happiness and love to you beautiful,” “comfortable, beautiful, old, young, happy”, “Very nice picture, you are stunning,” wrote fans girls.

By the way, the famous father of the girls are not against her new relationship. In the program “You wouldn’t believe.” he stressed that endorses the choice of viola, but not rushing it in terms of creating his own family. “I have a granddaughter from her eldest daughter, so the youngest is not in a hurry,” said Syutkin.

Viola has no plans to connect his life with music. Now she is studying theatre at the Sorbonne. She manages not only to devote time to studying, but also spending time with friends and family. In her Instagram periodically sharing photos with mom and dad, shots invariably touches of subscribers daughter Syutkin.