Дочка Валерия Меладзе удивила выбором свадебного наряда
Inga allowed himself to depart from tradition.

Inga Meladze and Nuri Verghese

Photo: @Instagram ingameladze Inga Meladze

The eldest daughter of Valery Meladze — 25-year-old Inga has recently shown in which clothing went two weeks ago under the crown. The choice of outfit surprised many users of the Network. It turned out that in the registry office, daughter of the famous singer did not come in the traditional dress of the bride. Inga showed originality and prefer the white pants and lace top. Your way, it complements rather modest bouquet and a long veil.

The groom Inga — Nori Verges did not experiment with the image and have chosen to get married a dark pantsuit. By the way, the ceremony was attended by just 16 people — only the closest friends and relatives of the bride and groom. However, Pope Igny — Valeria among the crowd of guests was not. He missed such an important day in the life of his daughter because of the great employment.

However, to take a walk on wedding of young people at the hearing will be an opportunity. Inga husband and I are planning to play another wedding in October of this year. The celebration this time is planned and lush with lots of guests. The celebration will be held at the home of Inga spouse — in Marrakech.

Before you tie the knot daughter Valeria and her lover some years met. Soon after meeting Inga introduced the beloved with his strict father in order to receive a blessing. Valery welcomed the young man into the family. “If the guy is a notorious scoundrel, then of course I catch him and talk with him myself, this girl will not even know. But Nori is not a crook. And to teach him, it seems, don’t, he’s smart!” he said.