Daughter Valery Meladze married an Englishman

Дочь Валерия Меладзе вышла замуж за англичанина 25-year-old girl has linked his life with her lover from England. Inga Meladze played a small wedding, attended by close people. Grand celebration, the couple plan to organise in October this year.

      In the family of musician Valery Meladze real joy: his daughter Inga was married to her beloved Nori Vergina. Now the young people organized a small celebration on the occasion of the marriage. The girl wore a white wedding dress, and her head was decorated with a long veil. Apparently, the couple is so happy to become husband and wife, that scored the social network and shared a happy event only today.

      “14.01.2017. Important day, the modest celebration. Can’t wait to relive it on a large scale in October,” she wrote in his microblog.

      Mother Inga Meladze, Irina said “StarHit” how solemn ceremony. Unfortunately, the famous father couldn’t come on holiday with her daughter, but for a Grand wedding in October is to meet the whole family.

      “It was the first part of the celebration, noted in a narrow circle, there were only 16 people – family, friends, – said Irina Meladze. – Valery could not come and congratulated the daughter on the phone. The celebration took place in Cambridge. I flew with her younger daughter Arina, and the average Sonya couldn’t get her session in MGIMO. Of course, for her it was such a tragic moment, she wanted this day to be next to her sister. But Inga, the date of the painting, for some reason thought that the session my sister will be up to the New year.”

      Friends also rushed to congratulate Inga and Nori with such an important day in their lives. They were generous with kind words and wished the newlyweds to live in love and harmony. “Wow, congratulations! I wish you happiness!”, “Love you for life! You are very beautiful and unusual bride!”, “Be happy,” wrote friends of Inga.

      The girl’s mother is happy that her daughter was consorting with a worthy man. The engagement took place in October of 2015, however, young people did not force the events and only a half later, went to the registry office. The groom is the eldest daughter Meladze year saving up for the ring

      “That they filed, Inga told her, made the call, said the “StarHit” Irina. – I gave the newlyweds a beautiful set of silverware that needs a young family. Now everyone will actively continue to prepare for the big wedding, which will take place in October”.