Daughter Valery Meladze has planned an unusual wedding

Дочка Валерия Меладзе спланировала необычную свадьбу
Inga shared details of the upcoming celebration.

Inga Meladze and Nori Verges

Photo: @Instagram ingameladze Inga Meladze

In January of this year it became known that the daughter of Valery Meladze — Inga got married. A modest ceremony was held in Cambridge and it was missing a large part of the relatives of the bride and groom, including the Valeria. Soon after the marriage the pair became known that Inga with her husband, Nori Verizom planning to play a second wedding.

A couple of days ago, my daughter Meladze left Nori in Morocco, his native country. It was there and it was decided to hold a ceremony. The purpose of the trip was the organization of the upcoming wedding weekend. Inga is busy with the preparation of the wedding menu and the choice of location for an important event.

Thus, it became known that the second day of festivities Inga is planning to hold the water. “Visit our “location” on the second day of the wedding weekend — the lake in the middle of the Sahara and the Atlas mountains!” — signed one of the photos daughter Valeria. The rest of the details of the wedding are kept secret, as the way and date of the celebration. Initially it was reported that Inga will wear the wedding dress for the second time in October, but, apparently, it can take place much earlier.

Meanwhile, Valery some time ago joked he didn’t want to acknowledge the wedding of the daughter as long as the person does not raise a toast at the Banquet for the happiness of the young. Thus, the choice of Inga, he fully endorsed, although he has to communicate with Verizom with the assistance of an interpreter.