Daughter Valery Meladze arranged a bachelorette party on the sea

Дочь Валерия Меладзе устроила девичник на берегу моря Inga had a great time in the company of friends. Now she is preparing for a Grand celebration. Daughter Valery Meladze officially married in early January of this year, however, the celebration was moved to October.

In January of this year, the daughter of musician Valery Meladze Inga married lover Nori Vergina. The couple then staged a modest celebration in the narrow circle, a grandiose wedding, decided to organize in October. Despite the fact that the successor of the famous names of more than half a year married, she decided to observe all the traditions. Yesterday, she organized a bachelorette party, which brought together close friends. They went to Greece. The girls had fun on the shores of the Aegean sea. They had a rest from everyday worries and gain strength before the Grand celebration. Inga has published in social networks pictures from the festival. Apparently, the girls had a great time.

“They are best friends to organize the best bachelorette party,” wrote Inga in the microblog.

The followers were happy for friends who organized a fun party. They gladly considered images that appeared on Instagram.

With the date of the Grand celebration Inga and Nori decided a year ago. They chose the date of the seventh and eighth of October. It was at this time in 2015 Meladze said the coveted “Yes” to the offer hands and hearts of the beloved. Parents are pleased that the young man did not ask for money for a magnificent celebration, and he decided to capitalize on the occasion. Daughter Valery Meladze preparing for “the wedding of the century”

Mother Inga Meladze, Irina a little upset that her daughter will live in London, but did not oppose her decision. Parent told “StarHit” how was the day in January. She confessed that she gave the newlyweds a set of silver tableware because it’s the right thing for a young family.

“It was the first part of the celebration, noted in a narrow circle, there were only 16 people – family, friends, – said Irina Meladze. – Valery could not come and congratulated the daughter on the phone. The celebration took place in Cambridge. I flew with her younger daughter Arina, and the average Sonya couldn’t get her session in MGIMO. Of course, for her it was such a tragic moment, she wanted this day to be next to her sister. But Inga, the date of the painting, for some reason thought that the session my sister will be up to the New year.”