Daughter Timothy surprised parents

Дочка Тимати удивила родителей
Little Alice said she didn’t want to be a Princess.

Timothy with his daughter

Photo: @timatiofficial/Instagram

Daughter Timothy only three years, and she has thousands of fans
in Instagram, who leads her grandmother by Simon: she says that subscribers
like the adorable Alice and her amazing charisma. At this time, the girl was surprised by his thoughts on
life and their role in it. On the question of who she’ll be when you grow up, Alice gave a rather funny answer.

“When I grow up, I don’t want to be a bride, a Princess and Cinderella do not want, — said the girl. — I
I just a woman.” Of course, such statements touched by fans who
began to recall their personal stories that told them their children.

I wonder what talents have manifested the girl for a long time. In two years Alice made her debut, taking part in theatrical
setting: the girl, dressed in the costume of the owl, unabashedly danced before the audience.

Her famous dad just to look at
achievements of his beloved daughter, put all the important things. “Today, right from
the plane I came to the premiere of children’s performance “don Quixote”! Alice
Timurovna the debut! First big concert! I suggested that
today she was the little debutante!” — wrote the proud dad.

Recall that Alice was born as a result of rapid
novel model Alena Shishkova and Timati. However, romance between lovers
quickly came to an end. However, young parents do not have to go and “share” the baby. A girl is engaged, basically, Timothy’s mom,
which is in friendly relations with Alena.