Дочь Татьяны Догилевой сбежала из Голливуда
21-year-old Katya decided to conquer his native country.

Tatyana Dogileva with daughter Katya

Photo: K. Nikitenko/7 Days

For four years daughter Tatyana Dogileva Kate lived and
studied abroad: courses graduated from Cambridge in England, and then entered the American
Academy of dramatic arts in new York. Mom predicted daughter
beautiful cinematic future in America, but
the reality was far more prosaic.

“I came to visit my daughter in new York
saw her in vain knocked at doors of talent agencies, says
Dogileva. — I felt sad, sorry for her
and I offered to come to Russia — to try here.” And Catherine moved to
Moscow, home, what unspeakably happy.
“I’m very happy to be with my mom, to be in Moscow, in the house where grew up —
says Kate. — I graduated and came back. I’m not saying “No” to America, I say, “Look.”

But the famous mother is happy that her daughter has gone through difficulties in
America. “They all save. America is good
school for independence, says Dogileva. She had a dream to be an actress in the States, and she
‘ve done.”

Recall that in an exclusive interview for 7days.ru Tatyana Dogileva and Catherine said
about studying abroad and the difficulties the girl. “Having an acting
education in America, I’m not going to work abroad, hope
at home my career also goes well, Katia said. — I have already received roles in several Russian
projects, just recently returned from St. Petersburg, where he starred at
Director Elena Nikolaeva”.