Daughter Tatyana Arntgolts met with the newborn brother

Дочка Татьяны Арнтгольц познакомилась с новорожденным братом
Ivan Zhidkov shows online family idyll.

Ivan Zhidkov with the bride Lily, and children: Mary and Stepan

Photo: @Instagram ivancarevich1 Ivan Zhidkova

Ivan Zhidkov finally back from tour and can now fully enjoy a family idyll. 18 Oct actor became a father for the second time. He gave birth to son Stepan. Once inside the walls of his home, Ivan first invited to visit his daughter from his marriage with Tatiana, Antholz — eight-year-old Mary.

Daughter Ivana was very happy birth of Stepan. The Jews said that Mary was at the time Dating with a little Stephen is very serious, as it feels now the “burden” of responsibility for the younger brother. Birth Stepan was not a surprise for Maria. During the pregnancy of his bride — Lily Ivan was preparing the daughter to changes in life.

Recall that due to the tight schedule statement Ivan was reunited with his family a week after the birth of Stepan. And he missed the birth of his bride, and subsequent discharge from the hospital. However, all this time the actor was in constant communication with the beloved. “All the families I was on video, so almost present and I know what I say? I don’t understand why nature provides such pain that a woman experiences in childbirth, but perhaps this is why you need something — reflects Ivan. The second time I experience this cosmic feeling when your baby is born, but when in the moment of birth you’re around, though virtual, this feeling is particularly strong, you see like a miracle happens!”