Daughter Tatyana Arntgolts is afraid of his father

Дочь Татьяны Арнтгольц боится отца Six-year-old Mary knows that dad loves her a lot. However, sometimes it can be very hard with a girl. Daughter of Ivan Zhidkova feels is the line that cannot be crossed in communion with the father.

      Дочь Татьяны Арнтгольц боится отца

      Six-year-old daughter Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan Zhidkova loves both parents equally and enjoys spending time with his father, since it is less strict than mom. Despite the breakup with the actress, the man is actively involved in the education of your child, develops her kindness and generosity. Ivan told reporters, as Mary has experienced the divorce of her parents, and why she is afraid of him sometimes.

      “I think, negatively on Mache the moment of rupture is not affected. This happened three years ago, but his daughter sees that Tanya and communicate, even the three of us to go somewhere, I often come to visit Tanya, playing with Masha. For Masha it all happened gradually, she got used to this situation, and now is bathed in universal love” – shared the Zhidkov.

      The actor believes daughter the gift of a lifetime, so he tried to indulge her, allowing sometimes forbidden to eat sweets or gum. However, Mary is a little afraid of dad. “She knows that, despite my softness, flexibility and good communication skills, I in case of need can be tough. And Mary feels that there is some point when daddy can garknut”, – told Ivan about the relationship with her daughter.

      Star dad has become easier to communicate with my daughter when she’s grown up a bit. The girl became more self-reliant and obey his father in many aspects. Zhidkov want his heir to grow up strong, smart and kind woman, to it all went harmoniously. According to star cinema, the girl has endless amounts of energy, charm and a great sense of humor.

      “We feel like it. Both in appearance and in behavior. I would even said so: now it has become some tio features Thani to adopt”, – said the actor about the character of Masha in an interview with “Happy parents”.

      Recall that Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan jidkov divorced in 2014. As reported by their common friends, the cause of the rupture was dissatisfaction Actresses with earnings of a husband and private scores. According to Ivan, all came naturally, organically and peacefully, so now the ex-wife can easily communicate with each other. The actor has not yet found its permanent companion, he is busy with self-development and filming of new film projects.

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