Daughter Tatiana Navka had fun with the nephew Malikov

Дочь Татьяны Навки повеселилась с племянником Маликова On one social event organized for the younger generation of Golden youth in TZUM, Alexander Zhulin appeared in the company of Dmitry Malikov, the nephew of a famous singer. Young people all night cuddled and held close.

      Дочь Татьяны Навки повеселилась с племянником Маликова

      This week in the Moscow Central Department store held an event for the young stars. Daughter Tatiana Navka, Alexander Zhulin appeared on the evening along with 16-year-old Dima Malikov. Throughout the night they were not parted, and the young man held the girl’s hand and waist. According to the journalists, a boy and a girl about something all evening enthusiastically whispered.

      The singer Alexia and Dimitri listened to the concert of rapper L’one and singing lines from his songs. Rumor has it that they are very long time friends. Witnesses who saw the couple believe that they are connected with something much bigger, however, this might be only speculation.

      Daughter Tatiana Navka engaged in music. Alexander managed to produce a hit, “Gonna dance, which was on the radio, and put it in iTunes the song “breathe Me. She sings under the pseudonym of Alexis, as it believes that a different name will help her avoid a connection with her star family.

      Son Inna Malikova Dmitry is involved in the restaurant business. In his microblog he posts videos that shows what he cooks in the kitchens of famous restaurants along with older cooks. However, delicious food does not affect the figure of guy: he prefers active sports. In the winter he rides cross-country skiing and in other seasons has been in the gym. Dmitry is friends with Arseny Shulgin, Philip Gazmanov, Nikita Novikov and many others.

      Among the young guests of the event can be seen Stesha Malikova, Ales Kafelnikov, Arina Kuzmin, Sasha Maniovich, Lisa Mamiashvili and many other children of stars. The young people enjoyed chocolate milkshakes, mini burgers, strawberry ice cream and danced to fun songs L One.

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