Daughter Tatiana Navka caused tenderness coquetry

Дочь Татьяны Навки вызвала умиление кокетством Fans admired a funny video with the baby. Family archives subscribers in Instagram shares Mama Nadi Tatiana Navka. The woman together with the girl resting abroad.

      Olympic champion Tatiana Navka with his youngest daughter Hope has gone on vacation. They changed the cool Russian spring on a warm and soft climate. In the program the star of the family sun bathing and water treatments. The famous figure skater shares in the microblog followers with shots from the trip. Most fans of Tatiana appreciated the video with the participation of the successor.

      It adorable baby sitting on a deck chair with a friend mark. Kids are eating the Apple and some shy. But at some point, the girl just turns around and starts to hesitate, and touched by all subscribers mothers without exception.

      Followers appreciated the modest nature of Nadi and is still uncertain chat with the boys. In addition, plump tummy young beauty is also not indifferent to social network users. They’ve left dozens of comments with words of admiration to the daughter of Dmitry Peskov.

      “Here you have it Flirty! Lovely!”, “Pumpkin sweet”, “This doughnut!”, “What a sweet bun!”, “Lovely! ‘s chubby,!”, “Very cute flirting!”, “Her charisma is off the charts! Unusual child!”, “Well, what sweet cupcake, I want her to squeeze and he’s so good-natured!”, “It’s not kids – it’s muffin! It’s a dessert!”, “What a pretty girl! Copy mom just a little! Tanya, just like you!” “She looks just like you, Tatiana!” – posted in Network, fans of the popular athletes.

      Despite her young age, Nadia only 2.5 years – the girl is developing rapidly and already happy famous parents talents and diverse interests. It is worth noting that Tatiana really puts a lot of effort and time in their favorite. She visits different sections. Including, of course, sports.

      Recently, the Pastor shared with subscribers “Instagram” another video. It Nadia like a gymnast walks on the parapet, extending hands to maintain balance. After bravely makes a few somersaults and repeats the whole chain first. Interestingly, even when a small player continues the exercise. As it turned out, the girl just wanted to go on the trampoline.

      “In my childhood I also went to the gym with the condition that the prize is a trampoline. Indeed, genes! I never thought that two years you can already enjoy various sports like figure skating, skiing, swimming, gymnastics and so on. And today I completely agree with moderately early and healthy development of children,” wrote Tatiana in the microblog.