Daughter Tatiana Navka began her career as a TV presenter

Дочь Татьяны Навки начала карьеру телеведущей The girl decided to try himself in a new role. 17-year-old Sasha – the heiress Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin is professionally engaged in singing. Recently, the blonde decided on another experiment. Now she’s the face of one of the projects MUZ-TV.

Olympic champion Tatiana Navka has two daughters – Sasha and Nadia. In children, she tries to put the maximum capacity, accustoming them to self-reliance and determination. The athlete believes that girls should be able to take care of themselves. Thus, the eldest child of a skater already making quite a successful career in show business.

Sasha Zhulin, acting under the pseudonym Alexis is a talented and capable performer. In its coin box already there are two musical hit, was assessed positively by the public. But in addition, advances on the scene, the girl is trying to conquer TV. Recently, her fans received exciting news. Now a young beauty is to one of the programs on MUZ-TV. Now every Tuesday the actress can be seen in the PRO-news, where she presents an overview of the popular clips.

Recall that this is not the first experience of stars in this case. New year’s eve she and the other star children have tried him in the lead of music chart on MTV. Then this idea is very appreciated by the audience. However, this time the audience was also delighted with the new role of Sasha. Fans praised her style of speaking and stay in the frame. However, in addition to the positive ratings, the girls received several critical comments.

However, the heiress of the grooves does not respond to negative reviews. I guess my mom did raise her sporty character and habit not to give up. In addition to a career in show business, beauty prefers to lead an active lifestyle and travel a lot. She is a frequent contributor to the microblogging pictures from different countries, giving their fans a positive. For example, she recently returned from a trip to Europe. She brought with her a series of photos, which capture the brightest moments of the voyage.

By the way, star Sasha’s parents try every possible way to support your child. So, Tatyana recently admitted users of the social network that the elder daughter was her best friend. However, it is well visible to the naked eye: the skater constantly spends leisure time in the company of a successor and tells about it in his microblog.