Daughter Tamara Akulova rebelled against the mother

Дочь Тамары Акуловой восстала против матери Anna Sherling talked about the conflicts in the star family. Famous actress, Tamara Akulova has admitted that the most difficult moment in my life was the career choice of her children. Junior son Mitya is now studying in medical school, but the older heiress Anna managed to insist on and became an entertainer.
Дочь Тамары Акуловой восстала против матери

Popular in the 80-ies the actress Tamara Akulova and her large family became the heroes of the program of TV channel “Russia-1” “When all the houses”. The artist is a wonderful husband, a famous film Director Elyor ishmuhamedov, son Mitya and his daughter Anna, who along with her husband and has four children. Besides the fact that she is mother of many children, 37-year-old Anna Sherling manages to star in a movie. On account of its roles in such films as “Bride,” “Dolly the Sheep was angry and died early”, “Zолушка” and others.

However, as admitted during an interview with Timur Kizyakov daughter Tamara Akulova to be an actress, she had to go against the will of parents – Director Yuri Sherling and mother, who dreamed of another profession for the successor. This was the cause of serious conflict in the family.

Дочь Тамары Акуловой восстала против матери“My receipt had a time in that period, not when the movie was filmed – said Anna Sherling. And my parents tortured to death this time, for some reason decided that in this life you have to be or a lawyer or an economist. I came to them and said that I wanted to be an actress and are preparing to enter the University. What my mom started to fight in hysterics, and my dad flatly said, “No. First, get a profession and then go on acting”.
Дочь Тамары Акуловой восстала против матери

Anna obeyed the will of their parents and enrolled at MGIMO, but behaved in a prestigious University was almost a little subversive. “I was a foreign body in my Institute, and this is felt because the lawyers tap-dance beat at the entrance will not be, but somehow I did it – the actress continues his story. – Dean of the faculty once asked me: “what can you do?” I answered honestly: “Can you sing!” He grabbed his head… And at some point I threw it all away and went on acting”.

Дочь Тамары Акуловой восстала против матери

Tamara Akulova has admitted that the career choice of her children became her one of the most difficult periods in life.

“It’s so hard, – said the actress. – You know what they say: small children – small bedki, and large…”

But the actress had to accept the choice of the eldest daughter and, eventually, take it. The son of Tamara Akulova and Elyor ishmuhamedova Mitya now receives the second higher education, he studies in one of medical universities of Moscow. The young man already has his law degree.