Daughter Tabakov mother comforted after bereavement

Дочь Табакова утешила мать после тяжелой утраты For several weeks after the death of the master, his widow Marina Zudina prefer to refrain from communicating with journalists. Recently marked 40 days since the departure of Oleg Tabakov from life. The actress told him what the Council had given her 12-year-old heiress Maria.
Дочь Табакова утешила мать после тяжелой утраты

In March died 82-year-old Oleg Tabakov. The famous actor and Director died after a long illness. Doctors several months fighting for the life of the master, but to save him failed. The death of Oleg Pavlovich was a real blow for his loved ones.

It has been 40 days since the death of Oleg Pavlovich. Closed funeral held in the new building of “Snuff” at the Sukharev square. On the eve of the sad anniversary of Marina Zudina told reporters about how experiencing heavy loss. Until recently the widow Tabakov prefer to refrain from communicating with journalists, feeling that it is not able to speak on this difficult topic. Woman support family.

Who helps Marina Suginoi to survive the death of Oleg Tabakov

“My daughter, I very properly said, “Mom! We are strong! We can do this, we will live on, and dad would be there to assist”. And I believe in it” – shared the actress.
Дочь Табакова утешила мать после тяжелой утраты

The successor of Oleg Pavlovich in “Snuff” was Vladimir Mashkov. On Monday, the actor officially entered a new position. Mashkov proposed to rename cultural institution. According to the artist, it should be called THE theater of Oleg Tabakov. Previously, Marina Zudina told that they hoped for agreement Mashkov become the artistic Director. According to the widow of the Director, it’s perfect for this post.

“I was calm. No matter what happens in my life in the theater, it is important that the business, which is dedicated Oleg Pavlovich his life lived. That’s the main thing. I have faith that it will be so “Snuff” is a new take-off, will be a new round. Oleg Pavlovich believed that Vladimir Mashkov has great directorial talent,” said Zudin.

The actress has called of her late husband as my teacher. The Zudin noted that the students of Tabakov has a particular responsibility. “Everyone needs to do more than time to the present day,” says Marina. Oleg Pavlovich like no other, told Zudina could charge others with energy and inspire. Mater never fallen into depression, so his disciples also should not be discouraged.

After the death of Oleg Tabakov artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre has appointed Sergey Zhenovach. As we learned earlier in the week, the theatre art Studio will be a branch of this cultural institution. The Zudin believes that the Zhenovach will cope with the assigned duties.

“Will I need the new artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov or won’t need my sympathy this to him will not change. About Sergey Vasilevich Zhenovach can only say kind words and wish him good luck”, – quotes the widow of Oleg Tabakov, the newspaper “Arguments and facts”.