Daughter Svetlana Permyakova took part in a fashion show

Дочь Светланы Пермяковой приняла участие в модном показе The four-year Barbara floated down the runway in a chic white dress. The successor of the famous actress became the brand model designer children’s clothing. Cooking Permyakova sparkled on the fashion Week in Moscow, among other small models.

      The daughter of a famous actress and TV presenter Svetlana Permyakova, a four-year Barbara makes the first steps in the modeling business. The girl participated in fashion Week in Moscow, demonstrate a collection of children’s clothes of the season spring-summer of 2017. Svetlana Permyakova decided on a change of image

      Despite the fact that the show was attended by kids, it was all grown-up, fitting, rehearsal, makeup. Svetlana Permyakova, who experienced both a sense of pride for the daughter, and the emotion, has published several photos of the barbarians in microblogging, made before the girl walked down the runway. Mom took a video of professional stylists doing hair style var, said her daughter worried before going to the podium.

      “Frightened eyes”, signed the barbarians among other small models Svetlana Permyakova.

      But then the actress posted a video where you can clearly see how her daughter literally floated down the runway in a chic white dress with a big pink bow on the back. The enthusiastic audience couldn’t take my eyes of lovers from teen model Barbara the Permyakova. Similar emotions are experienced and subscribers Svetlana, saw the video in her Instagram.

      “Princess!”, “What a miracle. Floating white Swan”, “So funny, and what a gait!”, “Sweet man!”, “Mercy, tenderness, I smiled. And the knob is pulled, Ah, those girls!”, “This kind of business. Well that the clock gave”, “Very confident!”, – admired by fans of Svetlana Permyakova Barbara.

      It is worth noting that despite the busy schedule, the star of the show “Interns” trying to spend more time with his beloved daughter. Svetlana often talked about his family’s tradition to cook dumplings in a special recipe that is passed down from generation to generation. When little Varya turned two years old, Permyakova decided to slowly introduce her to the culinary arts. The actress started making “family” the dumplings with her daughter. The little girl loved it. “The filling for this dish we make sauerkraut with bacon, — told Svetlana. — Barbara knows how to sculpt dumplings. And the rest of the dough we made homemade drying. Tasty but high in calories”.

      The actress has already managed to shoot his daughter in the series. When var was 10 months old, Svetlana took her to the set. The girl played in the “Intern” of the child characters Andrey Bykova and Anastasia Kisegach.