Daughter Svetlana Loboda: “Mom says I’m fat”

Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка» Evangelina said “StarHit”, for which it can criticize. The girl gave the first interview in which has told about how her famous mother behaves at home, why she is forbidden to eat bread and chocolate, and the suitors that she cannot choose only one.
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»

The heiress of the singer repeats all over her – singing songs, trying on shoes and outfits. “The star is rising!” – smiling, Svetlana. It often takes 6-year-old daughter to concerts, strongly encouraging the creative spirit. But they don’t all agree Eva has shared with “StarHit” why mom wouldn’t approve of her suitors.

“In the life of the mother lighter”

Eva, who’s your favorite singer?
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»To be honest, mommy! I always say that her music is the coolest. Especially love the “To hell with love”, “going home” and “40 degrees”. A new listening to in the Studio when recording. I also like rapper ja Ghalib. Ask the mother to do a duet with him, but she says a lot of work and no time. Hope you find the time. He’s got such great hits, I know them by heart.—
Want, as parents, to perform on stage?
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»In kindergarten I learned to sing. And now resting on the sea for two months. When you arrive, go to music school so my mother decided. Dad (choreographer Andrew King. – Approx. “StarHit”) is also over. I want to be everything! Already thought of: when mom would fly away to heaven, I will me, was really exciting Lewandowski, like Svetlana Loboda: I will sing the same songs, newcomers won’t pick up.Review mom: “eve is a talented amazing dancing and singing. If you choose the profession of artist, will have to help her! In General, I believe that every child, especially the girl, you must complete the school of music for General education. And it will go in my footsteps or be something else, doesn’t matter. I will support in any case.”—
Mom’s life is different from that on the screen?
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»A little on the stage she’s lighter with the makeup and all that strict. But at home a little darker, always carries makeup and treating me like a little – that’s more like it!
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»
So she’s good COP and who is evil?
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»No, all kinder – grandmother. And my mother does not swear, only explains. Sometimes prohibits have a sweet tooth, said that I am fat. Asked not to eat bread, but I say to her is sacred, it should at least a bit. Mom always laughs. Otherwise, it does not argue, as goody-two-shoes act. Dad, too lax, although it is sometimes said, “don’t you, Eva!” If I bully you, I ask that no one told my mother, trying to hide. This is bad, of course, but do not want to upset her. Daddy is teaching me to dance, he’s good, we’re playing catch-up.Mom’s review: “Despite the fact that all the time on tour, I know what’s going on with my daughter every day in touch with nannies, grandma. So the bad behavior I always know, even if Eva is silent. The daughter, however, loves sweets. I in the childhood too was a dense child, mother me is limited. Follow the same principle.”

“I want to marry daddy”

Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»
What else like to do?
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»I love to read, collect puzzles, to translate the babysitter stories. She got a good one. I love your mother’s shoes, like blue, they have in sock eyes with eyelashes. I am the way, sometimes allowed to wear them. But if you take the outfits in which mother speaks, she scolds me, tells: “Eva, honey, it’s expensive, and I still have them nasceu out!”—
What a delicious your mother’s cooking?
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»Dish – corn. Well, pasta, rice and all possible in the world of desserts. Just makes them a babysitter or a helper, mom. She works a lot and says he wants me to have happened.
If you were given a large sum of money, what would you spent it?
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»All animals in the world. And on the magic wand to revive my toy snow leopard. Of the animals in our home lives just a little hamster – it was the coolest gift from girlfriend Sofia. But my mom once handed the Bunny, but we gave it to the orphanage. There kids with him, so she said so.Review mom: “Owocki there is a huge snow leopard is her favorite toy. She drags it around the house, dresses in her mother’s jacket to not freeze. The rabbit eve is not able to take care of. So I was persuaded to include donated her rabbit in a children’s home. The daughter resisted for a long time, but fortunately, we found a compromise together to go there. I’ve explained to eve that there are kids who have no moms and dads, they should be treated with kindness, regularly to help. She heard me and now constantly asks “so When do we go to the orphanage?”—
About best friend clear. And boy is that like?
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»All that in the list of my suitors, like. And a whole bunch of them! Mom says that it is wrong and should be a favorite. Then I answer that I want to marry daddy. He’s the best Superman!
A brother or a sister want?
Дочь Светланы Лободы: «Мама говорит, что я толстушка»Want! And two twins! Mother, please have my sister, brother and two twins, please. Even better ten!Review mom: “of Course I want more children. This is the purpose of each women. And to have a baby, you need a decent husband, a decent dad. We seek”.