Daughter Svetlana Ivanova forbade her to act in films

Дочка Светланы Ивановой запретила ей сниматься в кино
The actress spoke about the changes in his life.

Дочка Светланы Ивановой запретила ей сниматься в кино

Svetlana Ivanova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Svetlana Ivanova, who in his 30 years managed to appear in almost sixty films, said she is ready to end his acting career. Because now it has become much more important than her family life.

“Suppose that I after some time will cease to be an artist, — said Svetlana. —
The profession does not condone shifting towards the home and household. While I
all manage to combine, but I think the more I will have kids, dogs and
friends, the harder I will remain an actress. In part I
now I try to make up for the time that I dedicated
work and profession when she was tiny. I don’t regret it. But
increasingly, I want to sit at home. My agent Nelly I
have been cooperating for many years, me feels and understands. And when I say:
“Nel, that’s a month I don’t want to work at all,” she says, “OK”. And
no pressure, says: “the world, but we will lose the role, work, and generally
you will forget”.

All friends support actress in the desire to spend more time with family. Daughter Svetlana, a three-Polina, apparently, feel the mother’s mood and even interfered with her work schedule.

now remove the Comedy “Family Thriller,” — said Ivanov. — Thriller is a dog. Very cool dog,
which three years was raised specifically for this picture that he
he performed various tricks. I love Comedy
the genre as a viewer. I have a wonderful partner Tatiana Vasilieva,
Stanislav Sadalsky, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Grisha there and two children,
mom I play in. So one day on the shooting came Pauline and literally
came into my frame. She was jealous to other children and went
me to beat off. And yesterday did not let it out at night. I said, “Pauline,
well, of course — the movie is made, they need me there, waiting for me. What there will be
people to do?” — “Mom, so there will be some other character”. Here
the whole logic”.

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Svetlana Ivanova and Danila Kozlovsky in the film “Legend №17”

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