Daughter Spartaka Mishulina released the results of the DNA examination!

Дочка Спартака Мишулина обнародовала результаты ДНК-экспертизы!
Karina opened all details of the analysis on the establishment of relationships with Timur Yeremeyev.

Дочка Спартака Мишулина обнародовала результаты ДНК-экспертизы!

Karina Mishulina

Photo: Mr Abeltsev

The scandal with the “illegitimate” son of Spartaka Mishulina will soon be forgotten. The daughter of an actor — Karina refused a DNA test in the Studio program “Let them talk”, agreed to pass the examination in court. As it became known, will soon be carried out the necessary tests that will help to establish who was right in the unfolding scandal: the daughter of Mishulina or Timur Eremeev, calling himself his son?

Karina shared the unique details of the procedure for the establishment of relationships between her and Yeremeyev. According to the decision of the world famous genetics Pavel Ivanov, who took up this scandalous affair, a DNA test will be conducted directly between Timur and Spartacus. To do this, forensic scientists found the necessary biomaterial for things owned once Michelino.

Karina has already established that, despite speculation detractors, is a native daughter of Spartacus. Now it was the turn of Timur to take the test. However, Eremeev, according to Karina, and did not come to the laboratory to complete DNA examination. He made demands to a DNA test was conducted additionally in “three private clinics”, but Mishulina it does not agree. She insists that the study will carry out the authorities in this field and nothing else.

“If he finds luminaries of medicine at a higher level than a Professor in forensic, we are ready to discuss their candidacy. To pass a saliva girl in some private company, we will not. If someone thinks that DNA-examination is to spit in a test tube in the office, it is misleading. Serious analysis that the court adopts not to do so. The analysis of Y-chromosomes did 4 weeks, my blood test, confirming the relationship with the dad was done in a week!” quotes Karina Teleprogramma.pro.

Mishulina going through the entire story the strongest stress. Karina told her mom that because of the scandal with Yeremeyev is in a serious condition. She feels tremendous pressure from Network users. She is confident that her attack ordered by someone haters.

Timur Eremeev

Photo: @timureremeev Instagram Timur Eremeeva

Meanwhile, yesterday in the program “New Russian sensations” there is a recognition Karina, struck the loyal fans of her dad. She stated that two years after her birth Mishulina developed infertility, so she never doubts the results of a future examination.