Daughter Spartaka Mishulina nursed the mother of Timur Eremeeva

Дочь Спартака Мишулина нянчила мама Тимура Еремеева
Tatiana Eremeeva gave a Frank interview about the relationship with the artist.

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Photo: Persona Stars

Tatiana Anatolievna said
magazine “Caravan of stories” that when the daughter of actor Karina Mishulina was a kid
she was looking after her. “Sometimes when I came to rehearsal, Spartacus asked
to look after the daughter, she sat on my lap. Although today this is unlikely to
remember — behind the scenes growing all children from families of artists. Once Spartak Mishulin
asked to buy into the “Children’s world” now Karina, you do not
managed to get out to the store,” — says Tatiana.

According to her, Spartak Mishulin adored daughter. “She is four
years older than Timur was born in 1979. From an early age dad took her with him
to the theatre. The first time I saw Karina, she was going to doubleneck — tiddly
nice, it seems, Spartacus brought it from Germany. Wondered: “Can You Imagine
baby stuff there is more expensive than for adults.” Remember the skirt of red plaid:
the bottom was not hemmed, hanging fringe”.

Also Tatiana admitted why her son
Timur Eremeeva fictitious middle name. According to her, it’s not that
Mishulin didn’t want to admit my son. “Spartacus did not mind to give his son his surname and
the patronymic. But I was afraid. Understand, we lived in a small working village, in
communal among the neighbors met and drinking, and evil people. Middle name
Spartakovich sounds strange, son may begin to tease. Explained their
motives Masculino, he reacted with understanding. To argue, to put ultimatums are not in it
character. He was generally very soft.”