Daughter Spartaka Mishulina feared the attacks of his alleged son’s DNA test

Дочь Спартака Мишулина опасается нападок его предполагаемого сына после ДНК-теста The actress continues to blame Timur Eremeeva defamation. Karina Mishulina, told reporters that passed the examination to establish her relationship with Spartak Vasilyevich. Now relatives of the artist are waiting for reciprocal steps from Yeremeyev.
Дочь Спартака Мишулина опасается нападок его предполагаемого сына после ДНК-теста

Within a few weeks does not subside the controversy surrounding the heirs of Spartaka Mishulina. The actor suddenly appeared illegitimate son of Timur Eremeev. The young man insists to get a DNA test to prove his kinship with the daughter of movie stars Karina. At the same time, close Mishulina are categorical. They believe Eremeeva impostor and suing him.

Daughter Spartaka Mishulina million plans to sue for libel about his illegitimate son

Recently, Karina Mishulina gave an interview to journalists. According to the actress, she passed the examination in the centre at the Ministry of health of Russia, who established her relationship with Spartak Vasilyevich. Close to the legendary artist gave the specialists the suit Carlson, on which were needed for research biomaterial.

“Moreover, the suit found dad’s Y chromosome (the sex chromosome that contains the gene that determines male sex). Y-chromosome is passed through the male line. The father and the son, this chromosome should be the same,” added Karina.
Дочь Спартака Мишулина опасается нападок его предполагаемого сына после ДНК-теста

Says Mishulina, the results of the examination were sent to Timur Eremeev and his attorney still last Thursday. The family of the artist expects that he will pass the test in the main centre under the Ministry of health. But according to Karina, Timur not in a hurry to establish his kinship with Spartak Vasilyevich. This behavior leads to many questions from young women.

Karina said that Timur Eremeev wants to be tested not only in a public institution, but in the three private centers. However, Mishulina strongly against this approach. The actress believes that serious analyses that hold up in court, “do not do”.

“So I hope that Timur Yeremeyev will be solved and come to a DNA test in the state it is judicial-medical examination. Or answer publicly: what is it doubt? The competence of geneticists or alluding to the fact that the us government may do something on the order, not honesty?” – shared Mishulina with Teleprogramma.pro.

According to the representative of Mishulin, they fear that Timur will insist that the results of the examination have been tampered with.

We will remind that not so long ago, Carina has revealed unknown facts about his father. Says a young woman at Spartak Vasilyevich could not be born son in 1983, because with age, the actor developed infertility.

“In 1981, two years after my birth, dad had an acute exacerbation of appendicitis. He was in the hospital. During his stay in the medical facility, he was stiff prostate. On the background of this problem, he developed infertility, and was diagnosed with a “dormant seed.” My mom went to the doctor, but he threw up his hands. They age was running out, wanted a second child, but my father do not have the chance to have children,” said Karina.